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SimpleDB Explorer – new release

We released a new version of SimpleDB Explorer on Friday. This version includes a new command line executable, called SimpleDB Commander. You can use the commander app to export a SimpleDB Domain. It can be scheduled via Task Scheduler ot cron to automate the export.
You can find detailed listing on the release notes page ->–simpledbexplorer-2009.02.html
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SimpleDB – 2,000,000 FREE requests for next six months.

Amazon announced a new pricing for SimpleDB today.  Here is an extract from their pricing page:
You can get started with SimpleDB for free and without risk. For at least the first six months of the public beta (starting December 1, 2008), you pay no charges on the first 25 Machine Hours, 1 GB of Data [...]

SimpleDB – starting today everyone can sign-up

Amazon today announced that SimpleDB is now available to everyone. You don’t need to wait for “private beta” acceptance process.
If you wish to try SimpleDB, here is a quick tutorial on how to signup for SimpleDB.
You can try SimpleDB Explorer for free for 30 days => Download SimpleDB Explorer.
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SimpleDB Explorer – New Release – 2008.11

We have released a new version of SimpleDB Explorer today. Release Notes can be found here–simpledbexplorer-2008.11.html
We still consider SimpleDB Explorer in its “early stages”. As we did with Bucket Explorer, we are committed to improve SimpleDB Explorer based on user feedback. So, feel free to provide feedback via phone, email or our support forum.
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